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We’re just going to be doing a really cute simple and fun nail set I’m going to be using these two Poly gels electric finger nail file, this one is like a light blue and this one is just white and we’re gonna do some blue cow print nails, so let’s just get right into this video, so here are my natural nails, I’m finally gonna do my dominant hand which is my right hand I haven’t done this hand in so long because it’s just way easier to do this hand, but you know what she has been neglected for way too long and I feel so bad so and I haven’t used my non dominant hand, in so long either, so this is gonna be a little bit challenging electric nail file for thick toenails.And we’re just gonna start off by pushing back the cuticle’s next I’m going to be using this round cuticle drill bit and I’m just gonna work, this around the cuticle area now like I said before I haven’t used my non dominant hand in a while so it’s kind of hard to get my hand kind of steady yeah using an e file with my left hand is definitely a challenge probably the most challenging part of using my non dominant hand.Okay, now I’m going to trim down the excess dead skin using my cuticle scissors, alright, now I’m just going to trim off my excess, now grow now, I’m just going to take my hand file and smooth out the edges of my nail next I’m going to take my fine grit sanding band, I’m just going to work this around the cuticle area and I’m also gonna file over the surface of the nails.Okay so I just added on a peel off base coat and now we’re going to be sizing out the nail tips okay, so now I’m going to glue the nail tips on with some base coat, so I have the nail tips all glued on and now I’m just going to trim them down just like a little bit, now we’re just going to reshape the nail tips a little bit basically what I’m doing is just filing in the sides of the nails just a little bit, cause these nail tips are already really nicely shaped and, I definitely want to strain out the free edge of the nail, the now I’m just going to remove the shine from the nail tips using my e file.Okay, so the nail tips are all shaped up, and now we’re just going to be adding on some base coat, so we have all the base coat on the nails now and I forgot to mention that we’re also going to be using this new Poly Joe from a cart, so for the pointer finger, this is going to be a French tip, I’m going to put a bead of Poly gel at the cuticle area and.I’m gonna start off by smoothing it out and pushing it near the cuticle I really don’t feel like using my non dominant hand I can already tell this is pretty challenging already okay, so I’m gonna try and do a deep French tip, so I’m really going to make this new park skinny and try not to drag it down towards the sides because down the sides I want to be the tip colour of the nail which is going to be white I don’t really know why, I’ve been wanting to do cow print nails, but I just have and we’re gonna make them blue today.I was also thinking about making them like the spring colors I didn’t really feel like doing that because I just kind of felt like doing blue I don’t know why, but this Poly Joe just kind of feels a little bit running for some reason it never feels like this, but of course when I’m struggling with using my left hand it wants to be difficult.Okay so here’s how the French tip looks basically what was causing the trouble is I think I was putting too much and so I just made it a little bit thinner and I’ll probably have to go back on top of it with another layer, I’m just gonna cure, this first layer zur.Okay so I have the first part done and I’m just going to do the same thing on the pinky nail like the pointer finger, I’m just going to put a bead of this Poly gel near the cuticle area and I’m just going to shape it into a really skinny long oval shape.Okay so I have the first part of the French tips done and I’m just gonna wipe them off and I’m going to reshape them just to make sure that the shape is nice and crisp okay so next we’re going to be taking the white Poly gel and I’m just going to put it at the tip of the nail and I’m just going to smooth this out and make sure to get it all the way down to the sides of the nail’s a.I’ve been messing with this name for so long it’s just like using your non dominant hand is just so much harder and it just takes twice as long I’m just gonna cure this and move on.Za za za.Okay, so the French tips are done, and I’m just gonna wipe off the stickiness OK finally now let’s get into the blue Poly gel which I am like super excited for I don’t think I’ve done any blue nail sets recently, so I’m pretty excited to do this I think I’m gonna try and do the nails in one bead, so I’m first gonna push all the Poly gels close to the cuticle area as I can get it and I’m just going to drag down the sides of the nail and then just kind of drag all this Poly gel upward, and I’m also going to cover all the nail with all this Poly gel because you kind of want to like cover the nail with the Poly gel and then that’s when you can really start to smooth everything out.Za za za za za.Za OK, so I have these two nails done and for the thumbnail it’s also going to be another full blue nail.Okay so here’s how the nails are looking all the Poly gels on and we’re gonna get reshaping, so I just have my muck artist collector and a hand file and yeah let’s just get reshaping these nails things, ie.ZA.Okay so here’s how the nails are looking after they have been shaped and now let’s just get right into this nail art, so we’re going to be using a light blue and white and we’re just going to be drawing on some cow print, but as you can see this blue isn’t really like blue enough it’s a little more like gray blue as you can see it doesn’t really match our light blue that we have so I’m gonna first try and mix it. So instead of using that light blue actually I’m going to try and mix together blue using some dark blue and some white yeah I think this seems like a better blue but I’m going to compare them and see they’re not the same, they’re just not this one is definitely like a grey or blue, but we needed a bright blue it’s still not perfect, but I think it’s good enough for this nail art, we’re just going to be using a dotting tool, so we’re gonna put the blue cow print on the white French tip, so I’m just going to kind of just make some blobs on the nails, that’s pretty much it honestly I think the blue might need some more blue in it like it’s just not dark enough and I’m going to add more blue and see if that’s better I don’t know, because this is a really bright blue maybe that will be better let’s try this I think that’s better.It’s not looking very cow print press, OK so I think this looks pretty cute to me so I’m gonna go ahead and cure.Okay and onto the blue nails, this one is just gonna have white cow print on it, OK now that I have all.The cow print done, I’m just going to finish this nail set off with some top coat.So we have all the top coat on the nails and now we’re just going to add on some cuticle oil here how the nails turned out let me know what you guys think of this nail set in the comments so I really like how they turned out I think they are so cute and I love the blue and the French tips, the only thing though is that I wish my cow print kind of technique was a little bit better I just wish it looked just a little bit more cow print E I don’t really know how to describe it, but I was really having trouble making all the cow print look really organic I just kept making the different pieces try and fit with one another, you know what I mean, if I put all the white pieces together it would look it would like connect and I don’t know why I just kept doing that, and I didn’t mean to but it just happened I haven’t done cowper in awhile I think I just need to work on it a little bit but it’s still really cute and I really love the blue color also.Like I said before I feel like some kind of cow print nail set with more of the sprinklers even though light blue kind of count as a sprinkler, if the cow print was all the different sprinkler so you know like the light purple light pink yellow, green, some kind of cow print nail said with that would have been really cute as well which I can always revisit in the future, but that is pretty much it for this nail set.