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Microblading Healing Stages * Microblading Gone Wrong | Watch This Before You Get Your Brows Microbladed

Because eyebrow microblading.Not only are we going to be doing the testing the eyebrows but I’m also gonna show you how I shaped my eyebrows because I haven’t done anything on my eyebrows in a really long time I’ve been letting them grow because I wanted to forget them day by day microblading healing process, any sicker.Account.I feel like you’re too close to me. Can you get too close to someone.Yes, the answer is yes okay so I’m gonna show you I’m using to shape my eyebrows before I shaped them, um I bought this a forever ago it is a mw seven eyebrow raiser, um I before then I would ease or before then before I bought this I would ease a.Pluck.Or wax, usually pluck my eyebrows and then I found this guy and I was like.Why does anybody pluck their eyebrows, if you can just shave them off, get the mirror.That I may or may not.I painted myself in hello world got it just for me so I’m gonna.I brush my eyebrows up which automatically.Just makes everything look a little bit better, I’m going to get really close to the camera, um and you’re gonna see how gross my eyebrows are because I don’t think you can tell I’m calm right now and by gross I mean scraggly with hair I don’t think that big eyebrows are gross oren plucked eyebrows are gross I’m just saying that man look like they’ve got, um.An autoimmune disease. Quick little hair around here.But no fullness, so I’ve got a little bit of a home royle, I’m gonna use just to slick an skin I’m not even gonna put a full drop on rub it between my two little pinky fingers with the help of my handy dandy mirror, I’m going to.Just put it where the hair is.That I want to remove so if you’ve got a stand a mirror that stands up on its own what I would suggest doing if you are going to use a wii razor like this is to just tighten the skin where you could do it, but because I’m using my handy dandy hello world mirror, um, I’m a I’m not going to be able to do that so I’m just gonna lift my eyebrow up.To tighten the skin that way.Now I’m gonna do the other side.So there you have it I have I have had, um people that I know asking me how I do my eyebrows, no comments. People that watch these videos haven’t asked but I thought I’ll show you it’s very easy, very simple, and then I’m just gonna.Get rid of any excess hoho broil.I’m gonna stop this product from working now we’re gonna get on to this.Doesn’t like that’s helped in any way it’s interesting because this is music file, but the actual packet here says glamour ia.So I’m gonna have to figure out what which is it glamour ia, or is it music flower.In the videos advertising this.Raw.Lots of very good reviews, A I can’t open this well it’s really hard to tell whether it’s people who are giving good reviews or if it’s like robots that are giving good reviews so I’m gonna let you know whether this is good or not like I said earlier I got in a blonde color because usually the browns are too dark for my hair color.So, I’ve got a blonde and it should be a micro blading effect, okay interesting OK, so when you take the nib off, it’s a very very thin, angled brush like you would use for eyebrows, this is a bit of a sick one but that’s the. That’s usually the shape of an eyebrow brush like I said, this is really sick so I would never really use that for my eyebrows unless I didn’t have any other brushes available but that’s really interesting bit weird there’s lots of ink everywhere.Not super happy about that, but.Some reason this happens with with me.Okay so I’m just gonna just gonna try it out, so I’ll try it out on the back of my own first sheller. Interesting.Doesn’t smell of anything.So let’s give it a go, I’ll try on on this eyebrow first this eyebrow I have a as you can see a little bald patch. From when I was a young lady and trying out plucking my eyebrows and I pushed it too far on this side and it’s never gone back since so let that be a lesson to you.Those depressions I think I like it.She punched that.I think I like it.This depression.I think it’s good oh, so we’ll be able to see on this side a little bit better because of this little bald patch that I’ve got so let’s give this a go. Ha.I am absolutely speechless I I love this product as this is the first time I’ve used it I can’t tell you like 100%, if this is the best thing in the world, but I really like it it’s quite expensive.I don’t know if I got before and after picture.I don’t know if I showed you my eyebrows before or not, if I did then I’ll do a side-by-side if I didn’t then that’s on me and I apologize, but this is what my eyebrows look like now.I’ll get rid of that I’ll get rid of that look look I can get rid of that.God amazing you, you can make an eyebrow on your hand.You can make an eyebrow in your hand with this product I am shocked at how thin you can make a line I was expecting that I would have to transfer the pen onto a brush I didn’t realize how well of a brush, it would be I’m absolutely blown away by this I think it’s great, um.See if it rubs off. I mean, it does rub off.But at what point do you do that with your eyebrow.Okay, well he’s still there.It’s just not us as Brad, okay.I think this is great, I’m on ten out of ten recommend.This product if you’ve got enough money to spare to buy it. Christ on a bike, but yeah I’m I don’t say I’m really surprised that worked I thought it’d be rubbish but it’s not a fantastic ten out of ten recommend this.I might do another review like in a month’s time or whatnot when I’ve used it a little bit more I just had to check on my phone, it is by glamour glamour ia, so it says this eyebrow pen creates a micro bladed look waterproof ships passed and it’s from the USA just say that it’s made in China, so please don’t be fooled by that because places can most places will create a product and then get it made in China because it’s cheaper, so don’t think that you’re buying a product that isn’t made in China because it is it says on the box.Made in China and I were on the website said that it was cruelty free and all that sort of jazz which is good, good waterproof I will check to see if it’s waterproof, obviously I could rub that but I would be quite hard, I’m gonna rush through because on the video on their promotional video, they brush through afterwards, so I’m going to get nice and close again and then I’m going to brush through with mush bully.No difference really is obviously it looks for you because that has been fluffed a on both sides usually what I do with my eyebrows.After I have applied eyebrow product is I put a clear mascara on a over the top of my eyebrows to hold my eyebrows in place because my eyebrows are long I’ve had a lot of criticism through the years of my long eyebrows, but they I mean they are there real long.A genetics, not all I can do about it and also don’t really care that much to do anything more than I already do okay, so I mean I’ve always had this here I didn’t go get it got some damp cotton wool here I’m gonna I’m gonna move close.Hmm I don’t see you and then I’m gonna rope.This eyebrow and we’re going to see if it comes off. Yes, it does come off so it’s not waterproof ha.Well I that’s a good thing for me I don’t want my eyebrows to be waterproof personally.You can see like that boldly Bitcoin back that I’ve got generally it’s still.There is still some there let’s look. Can you see that.Still some coloration there, so it doesn’t like come off just with one swipe, yeah there we go with us.That’s all of it and it looks as though most of it’s come out just from water, so it’s not waterproof I’m gonna put that eyebrow, I’m gonna put it back on side by side, you can see the difference, can’t you aren’t you.Okay, now I’m gonna put my yeah.Claim a scar on to hold it in place.So there we have it the glamour ia.Eyebrow micro blade looking eyebrow pencil, um I would also just like to say at this point that I am obviously not being sponsored by this company, no one has given me any money to do this I spent my own money on this, the only reason why I found this was because one of my friends asked me to have a look at it and see if I thought it was any good and to that friend Joe, yes buy this if you can spare the money to buy it it’s not ridiculously expensive and like I was saying you do get, um.There is an offer, the other reason why I didn’t get two of these because I didn’t know if this would be the right shade or not, because you never you never really know online, um I did, I’ve been bitten before by light brown, because my hair is light brown, obviously I’ve got the blonde bits on the bottom but that’s I’ve died that’s from a bottle, this here.I mean you can’t call this blonde this top bit, it’s not blonde it’s brown.But for some reason companies when they do brown, it’s really really really dark, and it just doesn’t compliment, my skin tone, I’ve got more of a like a blonde skin tone like even this is looking a little bit dark but bought a ten out of ten recommend if you’ve got spare cash I’ll see if I can find the website and I’ll link that down below and I will I will share the shade, it’s number two blonde I am so excited about this being in my life I might do a video where I do lots of different eyebrow shapes on top of my eyebrow shapes, whoa is that a good idea I don’t know if you have any products that you’d like me to review.