Airbrush Makeup Kit & Cheap Or Expensive Airbrush: What Should A Noob Use?!

Today’s episode is all about air brushes and more specifically it’s about how we can run these inexpensive big box store acrylic paints iwata airbrush. Through our air brushes.And before we get started I’m gonna grab the camera airbrush kit, we’re going to take a closer look, we’re going to talk about each one of these air brushes individually.Okay. Let’s go from left to right here and I’m gonna give you a breakdown of these air bushes pricing first, then we’ll talk about why the cost is what they are.The first one here is made by Iowa and it’s a custom css eclipse.This runs right around 300 dollars now this particular one I use for when I’m doing fine art painting, so we’re not going to use this one for model painting, it’s kind of.Out of the price range anyhow.Next one.This is the aztec.Um, who’s this is made by testers.This is an interesting air brush. I do believe you can still get them for around 250 dollars it’s not just the air brush and talk about the air brush in the nozzles.And how this one works as you can see here.You have this nozzle card here that came with these extra nozzles.And they give you the different patterns.It’s not really focusing that well but you have a fine line, a high flow nozzle spatter nozzle is a general purpose nozzle.And also comes with multiple paint cups.It’s a very interesting concept, it’s very simple to clean that works relatively well but I myself have moved past that I like the control of a traditional air brush.Okay. Here’s my workhorse right here, this is the Iowa eclipse C S it is the same family as the custom, this doesn’t have quite the features of the custom, this is a point, three millimeter nozzle as I believe I have a point, one millimeter nozzle and my custom eclipse.Right now I believe these were running right around 160 dollars ish, um, actually I picked this one up a yard sale really inexpensively very lucky for that.And one of the first good air brushes I ever purchased was again in Iowa and this is io and neo and heck the price tag still on, that’s what I paid for at hobby Lobby so they’re still right around sixty dollars.Oh OK, now we come to these ones here.These two I lacks all three of these are what are called single action air brushes, let me explain.Most air brushes are what’s called dual action. So it’s press down for air pull back for paint.Okay, that’s how you control your paint flows by how much you pull it back opens up the needle from the nozzle and let the paint flow through it.These ones here.As you can see right here is a little such grew. Most actually is the double action I apologize, make it dispatched junk out there.Okay, this is a single action air brush and it is just you push it down and it sprays paint there’s you cannot control the flow.This one here is a little bit differently, this one’s made by testers as well, um, this is a basically a single action air brush as well, but you control the flow by turning these little well it’s your paint siphon nozzle illnesses, your air nozzle up here and you can kind of control flow with that.It’s not a great air brush this one here I use if I wanted to flood big area, so I don’t use it for modeling I use it mainly if I’m painting on canvases.Okay.Now I don’t like these types of brushes because these are what are called siphoned air brushes.Which means of course you siphon.The paint from a cup below.I just think that’s too much work and I just don’t like the way it flows.All my other air brushes. Are gravity Fed.Just like a professional professional penguin that you’d see a car painter using.Much much better.Alright.Alright, now that I have given you a very very brief overview of my air brushes, we will delve into them deeper here in just a moment.I want to say one thing though the old adage of you get what you pay for holds so true for air brushes. I know like these ones here I had a few other ones that I’ve gotten rid of over the years.They were very expensive when I first started air brushing.I fought with them constantly and they didn’t work right, they spit and sputtered and I thought it was just me I thought I didn’t know how to mix the paints I thought I didn’t know how to use the air brush and I got very discouraged.Until I actually went and bought this air brush, my very first decent air brush.I’m gonna tell you what guys spend as much as you can get you don’t need something like this, but if you can get a sixty Dollar air brush or a hundred fifty Dollar brush from a good.Brand like I wada.Or badger.You know it’s gonna make your life so much easier, you’re not going to get discouraged right out the gate like so many people do and you’re going to enjoy it.Alright, now I’ve got your brush, there are two other things that you need to purchase.A one you may already have, if your model you probably already have this you need to have.Some form of compressed air an air compressor, for example, you can buy the little air brush air compressors they’re quite pricey.I had one for a long time I actually end up giving that to my brother-in-law to use when he got started into air brushing what I have done is I want to um.I’m afraid I bought me a small inexpensive pancake air compressor, it’s allowed it can be much runnin, but I have much better control over my air pressure using that.I like it better, so that’s your choice, a lot of people you know I have an air compressor in my garage so a lot of people have access to those.The second thing that you’re going to have to buy because it does not come with an air brush especially more high-end one is you need to have a quality.Air hose, this happens to be made by Iowa, it’s also again, you will probably get this adapter piece, but you have to find some kind of adapter.A for your compressor that’s what you’re going to use air compressor, this end is what would screw into an air brush air compressor.But this is a good quality braided hoses last your lifetime. Most of your cheaper.I assure you.Most of your cheaper air brushes that you’re going to buy.Will come with something like this.This is just a rubbery plastic hose and I guarantee you.Ain’t gonna last I got a bunch of these.From starting out.Okay, well, those are the two things that you have to have to get your air compressor to even work.A nice thing to have. Is this.This is for.Not only holding your air brush. As you see goes inside of there this is for this is a reservoir for cleaning air brush.Um, it’s kind of filter right here that’s a change, you can just changeable and you run your air brush cleaner when you’re done painting through your brush, you get all the pain out and you just spray it into here, so it contains everything, it’s very nice to get something that you have to have I also have another air brush holder that can hold up to four brushes I use one smile, but this is the main one that I use because it’s portable.Just it’s great, it’s great to use not expensive I think probably twenty five thirty dollars.Another thing that you don’t need to have and I didn’t have for a long time, but I can’t believe I ever worked without it.As I have this match here, um, it’s great because it says your parts wont roll away we’re dealing with anybody parts and he’s.Air brushes.And I’ve lost stuff before, yes I have so again not necessary, I’m sure you probably make something at home, if you’re you know up to it I just this was on sale I bought it I’m really glad I did.Okay, next let’s look closer at the air brush itself. Alright, for most air brushes, this is exactly how it’s going to come out of the box minus p sets an add on I’ll pay about that here in a second.What you have in front of you is a like it’s a dual stage, so press down for air pull back for paint air brush.What this is this is a quick disconnect for my compressor on this end, those are expensive as well, you can buy those at any place, any place you can buy an Airbus you can buy those.What we have here. On top is your paint cup and as you might imagine that is where the pain goes in.Let’s take this part, this is your handle here.This is nice too, because this is how you can adjust your needle.Now showing a second take this off.What this does actually this holds the needle in place, so you can unscrew it, you need a little bit, if you want to.To let air and paint flow right away when you start painting I don’t do that I have my seat all the way. So again, this is your air needle I don’t know if you can see here now but it runs through the cup there on the bottom.Like a wiggle it out here and you guys see it moving in there.Okay.What that does.When you press down an air pullback moves in your back as you can see, let’s it lets the paint flow through.Now this tip here is here just to protect the needle mainly I’m gonna give you a little tip, once you get more comfortable using your brush and start painting, take this thing off.Okay, just gotta be careful, you don’t.You don’t damage your needle, this is off. I find most people find new air brush lot that these will build up with paint after a while being used and then you’ll start getting spatters when you start when you stop air brushing for a minute, but set your gun down.Move your project whatever and you first push down on the air again, if you’ve got a little bit of paint built up around inside of there it’ll just spit it out.I always I always pick that off.And so this is also how you disassemble to clean actually. Next thing I’ll do is I’ll loosen it up and I’ll pull the needle out.And there is your air brush needle, and these are replaceable again not terribly expensive.Next part.We’re gonna take off here.What holds the.Needle in place and moves the air through a little hole and you can’t really see it but it’s interesting.Now we need to arrange almost every year brush I’ve ever bought cable wrench for this part.Okay so we’re gonna take the needle cap off here.I’m sorry, the nozzle cap needle cap is a first thing removed. Okay, I’ll being seen there.And now there’s little holes in there air comes through and mixes in.That other captive fluid nozzle cap.And right here.I’m sorry, it mixes in where the needle comes out, this is a little confusing for me.This right, here is your.Fluid needle.As you can see. Right here, this is where the pain comes through and this is where your air comes through the little hole making a big fat finger out and move this better.Big holes with a needle right through.And the pain comes through little holes where the air comes through.And all of the paint goes into this fluid needle.Reservoir and needle sits inside and goes around the needle.Now this tip.And what comes out there, it comes for all parts and pieces I just showed you and that’s where it mixes the air and the paint.Now basically for most cleaning, this is as far as you need to break it down you can get in here with your air brush cleaning stuff and clean out the reservoir.You clean this out real good, you can use them.Little pipe cleaner is getting a clean real good, um, you can’t, I’m not going to you can take this part out this is spring loaded. As you can tell and pull out the trigger.Just like this because the needle runs through the whole trigger in actually.And do a really good thorough cleaning, if need be.Alright, let’s get this thing back together, I’m sorry I’m sure this little fast I’m sure I missed a few things and I’m positive I misnamed things.But that’s the basics of an air brush and how it works, let me get this thing back together and let’s talk about the paints.Let’s start painting.I knew I just realized I made the greatest folly that we all make.I took it apart and showed you that, and I assumed you could put it back together without any problems that’s silly of me.Let’s do it together, um, can we back out this little bit.Okay, so this is where we ended up right.So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put the fluid Neil back here.Then we’re gonna put. The nozzle or I’m sorry is the fluid.Nozzle back in then we’re gonna put the fluid cap.Back on.And to sit down, you don’t have to strong arm strong arm and says you know delicate instruments, so just a little bit we’re good.Next part, we’re gonna put on is the needle cap.I’m sorry, the nozzle cap. See I even have a diagram for me I’m still gonna send it up.Now we’re gonna put on the needle cap to protect it.ID always put that on first.Next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna run the needle back through.All of it.Want to see it all away, take this down.Put your handle back on.You put your pain, if youre ready to go back on and here we go, we’re ready to paint.Now let’s get back and start talking about the paint.Alright guys, now let’s talk about paint for a minute.I have in front of us here.Two of the inexpensive.Big box store acrylic paints.There’s a difference between these two it’s not just a brand.Um, doesn’t matter what brand they are I think it’s the pigment center and I’ll show you in a second.This last one here is air brush specific paints.Cool thing about this window, I hope you can hear it, hold on.These ones actually have little ball bearings and help make him up better.The nice thing about the average paints.Or that you can use and fill the bottle. Their thin almost perfectly, I mean you can’t turn down a little bit, sometimes you have to, if you’re going with like a point one.A millimeter of nozzle instead of point three.But for most part uses straight out of the bottle.The downside is.These are between three and five dollars a bottle when these are about one fifty sixty cents a bottle.There’s a difference.Okay, let’s look at these paints individually.And as a group.Okay, let’s look at these paints let’s start with the air brush paint.Like I said the brush paint right out of the bottle is pretty raw ready to shoot.It is still a bit thicker than what I would like to shoot with I would turn it down a little bit.But still pretty good.And just so you know the consistency that we’re looking for.For air brushes, it’s about the consistency of milk.Between water and milk.Set your air brush paint, that’s I mean you pay for to be good and you pay for good solid pigments and you pay for good pigments that will shoot through your air brush, I mean if you want to spend the money by all means do it.Now let’s look at our acrylics here.Again, two different brands, but it does not matter I have seen this across the same brand before. The first one here.It’s thick, they still drip off.So we definitely need to cut it to get that consistency of milk.Okay.It’s a girl last one here. Now this one.It’s like.Mod podge, I mean this stuff is dance, it’s very very thick look at that.I’ve come across several different types of paints.That are thick like this, again I think it is.The pigments are using I’m not represent certain I don’t make paints but that would be my guess.Reason why I want to show that for ya sure.Let me speak English in a proper way, the reason why I wanted to show that to you. Is because there is no one perfect formula for mixing your paints.What you might cut this with to get a little bit thinner is definitely not going to be the same as these other two.And these two are definitely going to be the same either.This one here, you might cut it 5050 with 50% paint, 50% water or iceberg alcohol.But I guarantee you it won’t cut this one enough. So with that being said.Whenever you’re painting.You cannot have just a one goto formula.You got to mix each individual paint.One at a time when you’re using it.Now, if you want, you can make a book and keep track of you know this brand, this color you know you can go through all that I don’t I just mixed to what looks good.That’s just what I want to show you real quick guys.You really gotta pay attention to the viscosity of your paint when you start now.Alright we are going to start mixing our paint. Now, like I said, these are water based acrylics.So you can cut these with water, if you want to I do it occasionally myself.I like to use Ice proof alcohol for one reason.The alcohol flashes off.Faster than water that allows me to pink faster.Are our buildings or whatever we’re painting so that’s only reason why I use that. The downfall to use a nice approach, alcohol however is that it does also dry in your air brush faster.So you can’t just mix up paint stick in your brush and walk away.You mix it up you use it you clean your brush or your gonna have a you know.Dry paint down into cracks and crevices near the tear the whole air brushed down they get clean real well. So let’s start mixing this pink.I use this jar as my mixing jar.So I do, of course, just open it.Make sure the paint shaken up for real well so I’m going to be actually paying one of my buildings.And I must reason, however much I think I’m gonna need.Like I said nice things about these paints are being so cheap that you know. Which Lobby is not that big of a deal.Again, as you can see this stuff is pretty thick.So now I need to cut it, this is where the Ice broke alcohol comes into play.But I like to use and use either a pi pad or shoes, this little.Eyedropper actually was an old medicine dropper.It helps keep the message down. I know.I need a little more than that.I usually just start out with a coffee stir or whatever I have.And splash it make a mess, every time because I’m always in a hurry.As nowhere near mixed up.What I’m gonna do now put it on.I’ll take you off camera here well they get off camera.And I’m going to take the shot out of it.Okay.That’s pretty good, now, this is.A bit thinner.The consistency of milk may be a little bit. I’d rather have just a little bit too thin.Then toothache.Okay.The next step that we’re going to do is what I would consider to be one of the most important steps.And another thing that you should.Purchase. If you’re going to be using these acrylics actually should use this with anything even air brush paints.Your cup.We’re using messing up sequel throwing away.Strainer.This is a stainless steel strainer that I purchased off Amazon.They came in a three pack I think that they were sold. To be able to strain out.A resident from resin printers that I bought it and um.I only need one of my resin printer so.I got one for this.Like I said, this is the most important part because all these paints have different sized pigments.And if they if you get a big chunk of pigment in a your brush is gonna clog it up in a heartbeat.Actually, with talking about pigments I have found that.Your white paint.Are the hardest ones to mix.Pigment wise.They don’t mix well this one did a pretty good job.I’m not gonna use this right away so I like to do is I have one you can buy little testers bottles at any hobby store empty.Ordinary for now.Closer up.Before I get started, I’m always keen on good housekeeping, so I clean up all of this.These paint cups and then we get back.We’ll start painting.Hey guys.So here is one of the buildings that I’ve designed I decided to paint for this tutorial.It’s a pretty nifty little building actually have a whole little downtown series, I’ll be releasing here shortly. I like about these buildings here is.Not only are they pretty.Detail for n scale. This little brick pattern.That you see a lot of the buildings out there, um that you can download for free and print they’re just very basic, this one here, I’ve designed to have you can print with or you can have it on or not.It has chimneys with a brick texture as well.If I can get that focus switch.Apparently does not want to last second.Don’t you see that. Here we go.Skull brick texture of its own.I think the coolest part about these buildings.Is that they come with two bases you have a base that is just as wide as a building so you can stack buildings right next to each other like a downtown ro.OR.Not sure what that is in second.You can put on this base and have it sitting off to its own.Look at these bases, you can see, it’s got little lines like sidewalk.Now you see the holes.On these bases. Take the roof off here and show you real quick is pretty slick I think.It’s kind of hard to do one handed.Nearly upside down.Let me get a notice real quick here.Anyhow.You look inside you can see that I have a main floor on the second floor.And those little holes are made to fit a five millimeter LED up through.So you can like the interior of these buildings very very easily.You can block that off if you only want to light the bottom or vice versa.Okay enough of a sales pitch pretty soon you’ll be able to find all these things over at colts 3D.And a Sandy creek designs all one word at the mention that last time.One word, Sandy creek designs called 3D.Okay, well it’s not about the sales today it’s about painting.So set these aside not painting the bases yet or the roof.I use two things here.Something else you might want to consider getting some kind of a. Behold.Your items, you’re painting with actually printed one of these off not this one I have another I printed works great but I end up buying a nice one from tammy.I’m really happy with it I just took you know.A cup, stir in here, I’m gonna slide my.Well chimneys over that hold him upright.We’re gonna paint those red as well.This also came with the tammy a kit. It’s pretty decent.This is made more for painting model cars.But it works just fine for our application usually stick this in the car body.Kind of like that hold it up.Okay guys I want to shoot this in real time which means I’m not going to be fast forwarding it and I’m not gonna be editing out.A lot of stuff, what I mean when I’m saying for my air compressor is going to be on and it’s going to be allowed what I will do however is when air compressor kicks on in the video that you’re watching now I will cut the sound down to zero, just tell me that, so that you don’t think that something is wrong with the sound I’m just going to cut it off, so you don’t have to listen to it.Alright folks we’re getting ready to paint now.Let me show you how slow disconnect works pretty slick.Bam’s on that, we don’t screw all that good stuff. The other way, you do, and if you screw it in the here and you want to change your brush, you have to unhook it from your air compressor, you lose all your pressure.Number down for air back for pink.Okay.First thing we’re going to do.When Philip a pink cup.Alright.Now, as I had mentioned before.When you take off this little. Needle.Cover here that we don’t get messy splatters.Hey, are you guys gonna.Try it down for airbag for paint on Ice that comes out nice in the evening. Look at that alright.Zoom in here.Let’s get started.It’s like with anything else.Chess.Light coats.Can they sell tack coat going.SKY.MHM.Yeah.And guys, if you’re wondering I am running my air compressor at twenty PS I that’s what seems to work the best for me is a lot of trial and error.It might be what that’s why I think that’s what a lot of people runners at though actually.Okay, one tack coat down set this aside for a moment.Grab our little chimneys.This should be dry enough already to start again, that’s why I like use nice profile.And I another thing I want to say whenever you are using your air brush.You should always before you start paying again after stopping off to the side start it that way, if there’s any globs or anything you’ll blow it off said onto the cardboard or onto your workspace instead of onto your project.This is one of the things I want to mention about the mixing of the paints. Since we just used a standard paint that came out of the bottle I was not concerned about not having enough of this colour I always go back and I can make more.But if you are going to be mixing a custom color.I would suggest that you make more than what you think you’re gonna need.They make a little bit more because I don’t care if you count drops how careful you are, chances are you’re not going to find the exact same shape, if you try to go back and replicate it. Then they sing about these paints that they are so cheap.It’s OK, you don’t feel bad if you waste a little.And as you notice the first time I went across this I went from a left and right motion.Next time I want into an up and down motion you want to do that so you get all into all the nooks and crannies, take your time and look and make sure like I see some in the Windows here, I need to get a little bit better.Yeah. Yeah.Okay.Yeah.Very good I think that’s about it. They grab the camera here and skin a little bit of a closer look.Let’s see here.There you go.Painting with acrylics and look how nice I came out.Nice, even smooth.Nothing to it.Anybody can do this.Alright guys I made a mistake I am so used to this air brushing that I did not go through the cleaning process which I’m sure many of you are going what the heck man, you leave us hanging right, very simple. As you see is disassemble which means it’s already clean I showed you how to disassemble your air brush, so first thing I did was while this was assembled I went over to the sink and pour the peanut I wrenched the pain out of the cup with just plain old water.Mixing ideas I came back to my workbench hooked the pink air brush back up to the air compressor.And I stuck it in this cleaning pot.Once in there I filled up the paint reservoir about a quarter of the way with air brush cleaner, this is create texture brush cleaner I have had this bottle for probably ten years, this stuff goes a long way a little bit.Anyhow, once I put a bit in air I sprayed it into this pot here to clean out of the nozzle and all the pathways from the paint.Once that was done the first thing I did was I pulled out the needle, it was already pretty today gone clean because I took the time to clean it out with water right away and then with the brush cleaner and so I’m talking about when I say get it clean run away, don’t let it sit after that was done I just assembled the whole entire front part of this air brush. I stuck my finger over this little hole where the needle comes through and pour just a little just a little bit more of the air brush cleaner in there took a paper towel stuck in here wiped it out real good, then I rolled it up until the little piece here and stuck it through.Here and clean it out as you see if you can see that is all the painters do i. I got cleaning this entire air brush so.You know running it through water running the brush cleaner through it does a really good job, the final step was I took here the fluid.Nozzle which is really tiny twisted this stuff really tight.Ran a in there, and just twist it around, as much as I could.Pulled it out. Look through it, you can really see the camera look through it, you see daylight, if you got it clean, if you don’t then it’s just a clog, so I keep doing it, you get it clean, sometimes you might even have to take the needle and stick it in there.Very carefully in that way, you can push any.Paint particles all the way, if there are any but there was not this time. And that’s it, just let it sit there and let it dry, and you can reassemble it, whenever you’re ready to use it again.Now here’s a cool tip real quick, if you’re going from color to color.I always suggest you paint if you can I know you always can’t do this because of what you’re painting, but go from your lighter colors to darker colors, but it doesn’t really super matter.Reach your cup out if you’re changing colors, rinse that out real quick with some water like you’re gonna clean, it put a little air brush cleaner in there stick it in here and run the air brush cleaner through it that’s exactly what this was actually designed for and then just put your new color in.

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